JEE Advanced 2018 Online Examination – Complete Student Guide

JEE Advanced

JEE Advanced is the second phase of JEE and is conducted by IITs on a rotation basis for granting admissions into various undergraduate courses offered at different IITs and ISM. JEE Advanced 2017 was conducted by IIT Madras. In JEE 2017, the top 2,20,000 students from JEE Mains were qualified to appear for JEE Advanced.

Till 2017, JEE Advanced was conducted offline, however, in August 2017 IIT JAB (Joint Admission Board) has announced that the JEE Advanced will be conducted online from the year 2018 onwards.

In the online mode of examination, the students will appear for the test at designated exam centers where the questions will appear on the screen of the computer along with all the options. The student needs to select the correct options using their computer mouse which could be re-answered or reviewed at any time during the duration of the exam.

Due to the vastness of JEE Advanced and JEE Mains Syllabus, JEE is considered as one of the toughest competitive Entrance Examination at the undergraduate level across the globe. Therefore for boosting your preparations, you need to practice several online test papers along with the questions from your textbook so that while appearing for the exam you will not feel any question different than what you have already experienced.

The basic preparation strategy for JEE Advanced 2018 will be almost similar to the past year’s JEE Advanced exam; the only change is made in the mode of conducting the examination. Before starting your preparations for JEE Advanced 2018, your first priority should be to understand each and every topic included in JEE Advanced syllabus 2018 and accordingly you can formulate a proper study plan including your studying, practicing, revising, etc.

Along with solving practice test papers through pen and paper, you must include online practice test papers in your preparation so that you could practice well for the main exam. Educational applications like “Byju’s – The Learning Application” could help you effectively to summarize each and every topic in a shorter period of time and it would also facilitate you several chapter wise mock test series that includes thousands of practice papers. You can analyze your performance easily and your scores will not only indicate your strong points but it would also suggest you about all those topics that require much of your attention which would be highly beneficial for you in the main exam as you would be habitual of taking tests online. Hence, you will feel much more comfortable for JEE Advanced 2018 online exam if you prepare well through the online mock test papers well in advance.

JEE Advanced 2018 will be conducted online by IIT Kanpur. The syllabus and the examination pattern is expected to be the same in the online mode of examination. The changes in the mode of examination will not affect the difficulty level of JEE Advanced. The exam will test your concepts, your understandings on its applications and the problem-solving ability. However, the JEE Advanced is highly unpredictable and It surprises its aspirants every year!

Some tips on how to prepare well for JEE 2018 are given below:

  • While practicing from the online mock test papers, read all the instructions very carefully. The instructions displayed in the main exam will be same as given in the online mock test papers and by taking the mock tests, you aware of everything before the final exam.
  • During the exam, if you are not sure of the correct answer, you can mark it for review and come back after finishing the other sections.
  • Don’t be nervous by seeing the timer provided in the left side of your computer’s screen, you should avoid thinking about it too much while solving the questions.
  • Rough sheets will be provided during the examination for doing the calculation work and you need to use them in a sequential manner for each and every question because in case if you need to go back for correcting any answer, it would be easy for you to recall your previous calculations.

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