How to Check Exam Results Online? Simple Steps to Check Scorecard/ Marksheet via Internet

How to Check Exam Results Online?

Gone are the days when people used to have newspapers to keep themselves up-to-date about result release. With changing technology, the people living in this tech-world have also emerged and checking exam result has not been that hard anymore the way it used to be before. However, still, there are some students who don’t have any knowledge on “How to Check Exam Results Online” i.e. using the Internet and they follow some sort of weird and old procedure since not everyone is very well aware of this “Digital World”.

How to Check Exam Results Online

After considering all the things, what we decided to share with you are the Simple Steps to Download Scorecard/Marksheet so that you could save your most precious time and have better time savings.

This procedure works with any device you might have, be it a Computer, Hand-held Device like Palmtop, Smartphone, etc., and anyone with having only less knowledge of Internet will be able to follow the steps. We, at CarryJobs, have shared some cool tips/tricks with your on “How to Check Exam Results Online” that you will find helpful. This method involves some must-follow steps which are especially been developed for newbies (beginners). So, let’s get started from scratch.

How to Check Exam Results Online?

Before starting the process, let us make it crystal clear to you. You have to ensure if the device you have and the connection you use are all active or not. Even a small hindrance can cause you to lose your important data which you may not get back. Therefore, have a glimpse at some important guidelines beneath to understand the “Basic Requirements” to have your Online Result downloaded.

Basic Requirements:

Consider the following “Basic Requirements” to get your result download going. To check your exam scorecard/ marksheet online, you need to make sure that:

1. Device is Working Properly

Device is Working Properly

The foremost requirement of this process is to make sure if the device that you will be using to check your result online is in good condition or not, viz. it is working well.

2. There’s Good Internet Connection

There’s Good Internet Connection

You need to ascertain that the connection you are using is good. Meaning that it does not such while opening any page. There are lots of benefits of having a Good Internet Connection and one of them is that it saves tons of time.

3. Software/Browser is Compatible (Up-to-date)

Software/Browser is Compatible (Up-to-date)The 3rd requisite is about the Software that you will be using to check your scorecard status. The most used software’s (browsers) are Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. There are thousands of such Internet-Browsing software’s out there. But, we recommend you to have “Chrome” by Google.

Simple Steps to Check Scorecard/Marksheet

Once you have made sure the above-stated 3 requirements, you can follow a step-by-step guide below:

Step 1: The first thing you have to do is open the installed browser on your machine (be it computer or smartphone).

Step 2: Once opened, go to search engine sites like or or or something else.

Step 3: On the homepage, either type the URL of the website or type the name of the site (if you don’t remember the address).

Step 4: After the results are returned, select the link and open it. Now, you are on the “Official Website” of the concerned department of your exam.

Step 5: In this step, you have to look up the link of “Result” from the main website.

Step 6: Once found, click on it and enter the data (even though this article is about “How to Check Exam Results Online?” we can only tell you the expected details asked during download).

Step 7:

After entering that data, submit it and wait to see what happens.

Step 8: In forthcoming seconds, you will see your Scorecard/ Mark Sheets appearing on the screen.

Step 9: Click on that to start the download process and have a copy of your Online Exam Result for further usage.

How to Check Exam Result via the Internet – Things to Know

Still, you may be missing out on something which could lead to the rejection of your candidature. What on the earth is that? Yes, these are the things that you should never do and things you should do.

  1. While you check your scorecards online, make sure you are on the main web portal of the concerned university/ institution/ board.
  2. The main purpose of the information you provide should be getting the result only – you don’t have to misuse the information or other candidates.
  3. Type all information as accurately as possible or you will face problems, otherwise.
  4. Usually, the information that is asked during checking marksheets is related to “Registration Number (Id.)” and “Password”. So, make sure you don’t provide other details to lose privacy.

Avoid Mistakes When Checking Exam Marksheets/Scorecards

Suppose you have come up with several errors while checking your marksheets/scorecards online. What are you going to do? You have to get rid of the mistakes that you are likely to make in the process of checking online exam results.

  • Ascertain that you are entering the correct information.
  • Don’t not copy-paste details because some panels do not accept that, rather type the asked data.
  • Be precise, to the point – don’t make a mess.
  • Doubt-check the use of “Caps Lock”.

Hope you enjoyed this article which was developed on the subject of How to Check Exam Results Online by the team of If you have found it interesting, do tell your friends about it and share it also. For other amazing article or tips/tricks, keep an eye on this page.

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