CTET Exam Preparation Tips 2017, How to Prepare for CTET Exam in 3 Month

CTET Exam Preparation Tips 2017

With day to day increasing competition, cracking entrance exams is becoming more and more difficult but with proper strategy of study, this can be reduced to a minimum level so that efforts put for clearing CET. By making use of CTET Exam Preparation Tips 2017, the things will be easier and you will not be confronting any obstacle in the process. Entrants take long time for preparing for Central Teachers Eligibility Test as held by CBSE Board. But, by making use of the “Tips & Tricks”, competitors make nail it with even less than 3 Months’ Preparation. To know how to prepare for CTET Exam in 3 Months, this article has been distributed among various challengers just like you and this is a tested practice which is working 100% if followed properly.CTET Exam Preparation Tips

Not only in the duration of 3 months, but the CTET can be cracked with even less time period if Tips are followed properly. You do not have to put too much load on yourself by reading on those concepts which are not the part of the “Exam Structure”. Know what sort of questions are to be put in the CTET Paper (I, II). Yes, it is true that CTET comprises of two Papers: Paper 1 and Paper 2. The Paper-I and Paper-II may look familiar but they are not same, remember. Apart from increasing knowledge on How to Prepare for CTET Exam in 3 Months, you will get to know the Syllabi and Patter of the Exam to be completely acquainted with the test.

Is there Negative Marking in CTET?

No, there is not Negative Marking and you are free to make selection among the questions present there, but you should not waste time in thinking about too much about a particular question, just leave it and when you remember something about it, get back to solve it.

Take advantage of CTET Exam Preparation Tips 2017

Yes, making use of the Tips and Tricks for cracking CBSE CTET 2017 could be beneficial for thousands of entrants who have enrolled for this test. No one knows what is in your head, in spite of being fully prepared for the test you may not have upper hands if you do not utilize what you have learnt previously with the help of Exam Syllabus. Who does not want to be a Government Teacher? The answer is “Everyone wants to be that person” availing the highly excellent services and live stressful life. This could only possible if appropriate steps and time management is kept an eye on. Because CTET Preparation Tips plays an important role or will put impact on the overall selection, it is better to firstly understand what Exam Pattern says about the test.

Paper-I Structure:

The Paper-1 includes total 5 sections and each one has got 30 marks so there will be total 150 marks in Paper-I. Names of each subject is given in the table beneath. Each question contains single mark and total marks that Paper-I will carry are 150.


  • Language 1 (Hindi/English)
  • Child Development and Pedagogy
  • Language 2 (Hindi/English)
  • Environmental Studies
  • Mathematics

Paper-II Structure:

Everything in the Paper-II structure is going to be same except that Mathematics and Science or Social Studies carries total 60 questions and each one will be of 1 marks.


  • Child Development and Pedagogy
  • Mathematics and Science or Social Studies
  • Language 1
  • Language 2

Tips & Tricks for Cracking CTET Exam 2017

Schedule Your Study Plan: Time always play a main role in the success and this is not only about getting ready for an examination but it could be related to any other field. There, schedule the time for overall subjects and given enough time to all concepts, especially those in which you are weak because in these you have to give more. You should know the all concepts where the question will come in the paper from. The Internet has got everything you need, start joining YouTube for better experience in learning and know what Previous Year Paper depicts about the success and how people got the best of CTET last year.

Keep Track of Syllabus: Knowing what syllabus says about the test will increase your confidence level and it will boost you like nothing ever did. You have to master the art of being acquainted with the Topics and know how you can make the most out them (concepts). There is no Shortcut in obtaining the success, all it takes is the Hard Work. We can understand that you are going “Banana” taking the exam and days is not far when this is going to happen.

Solve Previous Year’s Questions: Know what the Paper looked like in the past years will help you identify the futuristic model of the question paper. You should have consult with your friends if you not unsure about something in the Syllabi. Also, revision is going to make you stand from others because there will be less chances forgetting what you have learnt before.

Take Mock Exams: There are plenty online websites that provides the service of Mock Tests so that job-hunters (competitors). Taking mock tests will help you be more comfortable with the Test.

Speeds Plays a Part: The way you solve the questions is going to pay you off and also the Writing Speeds is an important factor which will increase the chance of having Success in the test. Again, the practice, here, comes into play.

Besides aforesaid great strategies on CTET Exam Preparation Tips 2017, we would like to know which Tips and Tricks you are using to get the best of this Central Teachers Eligibility Test (CTET). This will also help others competition players find more of the Preparation Tips for cracking the test. For upcoming articles, please stay connected with us here.

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